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About Us

The Dual King Ranch Foundation was built on the core values of Trust, Respect, Responsibility and a good work ethic. We believe that strong values are the foundation of overall well-being. Belief in these values creates integrity, honesty, and accountability.

We believe that integrity is simply being honest and doing the right thing, even if nobody is watching. We also believe that compassion is having the ability to be sympathetic of others’ distress combined with the desire to do something about it. As you might imagine, we are compassionate about animals too, which leads to empathy and care, without obsession or co-dependency. Self-care includes the valuing of ones’ health and well-being so that others, human and animal alike may come to depend on the strength that allows people to succeed and reach their fullest potential.

All Dual King Ranch Foundation programs and projects are structured around our signature philosophy we refer to as the Heart of Success. The Heart of Success in all aspects of life evolves around the core values of Trust, Respect, Responsibility and Hard Work. Participation in our programs allows individuals opportunities to learn a very strong value system that transcends into every aspect of our daily lives. Our work at the ranch is based on strong values and hard work, plain and simple. This produces an environment for a down to earth, no nonsense approach to learning. All of our programs provide each student the opportunity for physical and emotional growth.