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Q:  Are there age range requirements for activities at the ranch?

A:  People of all ages are welcome and can benefit from working with horses and other activities at the ranch.  Activities may vary depending on those conditions. Experiences at the ranch can have powerful affects even by those who are participating as observers.

Q:  How soon Can I start Riding?

A:  Although Riding is not incorporated into every program offered at the Ranch, there are program models presented that offer participants the privilege to ride. We pride ourselves in our ability to make the safety and wellness of both participants and horses the first most priority. The privilege to ride is earned and can be taken away for careless or irresponsible behavior.

Q:  What will I be doing at the Ranch?

A:  Activities at the Ranch include everything from helping with the basic everyday chores to caring for the horses and other live stock's needs.  Equine therapy and other equine-related activities are offered in specific programs.  There is always the need for people to help prepare and cook a good old-fashioned cowboy chuck wagon meal.

Q:  How much experience is necessary to participate?

A:  No experience is necessary. We welcome people of all ages, backgrounds and levels of experience.

Q:  Can we decide what we want our family to do?

A:  We will be happy to help you plan an experience at the ranch that will accomplish your objectives.

Q:  What should I wear?

A:  Dress at the ranch is casual, but we recommend durable work-style clothes.  In the Fall and Winter, dress in layers.

If you have a question that isn't covered here, just send us an e-mail and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.