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Bob has demonstrated passion and integrity in the development of equine-assisted activities.  He has been instrumental in the promotion of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy to help the communities of Utah.

Greg Kersten
Founder of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy
Founder of EAGALA
President of Greg Kersten's O.K. Corral Series

I had an opportunity to work with Bob at the ranch for an internship. It proved to be a pleasurable, educational experience. Bob’s success can be attributed to his style of facilitating this work. He is straight to the point, gives everyone equal opportunities, and uniquely integrates the use of horses in the sessions.

I can't thank Bob enough for the chance he gave me. Bob, you were The Heart of Success of my internship at the Dual King Ranch.

Joke (Yoka) Spaas, Psychologist from Belgium doing an internship at the Dual King Ranch

The Ranch Program helped me gain more confidence in myself and be more assertive. It was very helpful for me because I couldn’t open up in the group setting. It helped me see how much I wouldn’t think things out for myself and how I was so used to having others do things for me.

H. D. female participant

I enjoyed the hands on experience and different style of learning. It has given me a better perspective of myself.

T. C. male participant

At the ranch I learned to trust myself, and be responsible and accountable. I also learned that failure is not the end of the world, it’s a learning experience.

W. R. female participant

Most of all I gained trust, confidence, and self respect.

At the ranch I learned to slow down and start thinking about my behaviors and work on myself. I learned to not give up and to keep trying no matter what.

R. M. Male participant.


I first want to thank you (and Sue and the EAGLE staff) for taking the time to provide the demonstration for the Joplin boys.  It is not just the horses that teach, but the safe environment (not just physically but emotionally) provided by you and the staff allowed the exercises to be experienced fully by a most unlikely group of participants, young incarcerated males who for the most part have never been around horses.  A caring, nonjudgmental authority figure is a very rare commodity in the lives of these young men.

I immediately felt confident in your ability to provide a meaningful, safe and unique experience for the youth.  In addition, these youth are generally wary of authority figures and unfamiliar situations, but it was obvious that they immediately felt comfortable with your leadership and were eager to participate.

I must admit, witnessing the process was very enlightening for me personally.  Seeing how I approach problems and deal with frustration was embarrassingly similar to the youth I was witnessing go through your exercises.  This experience was supposed to be for the youth, not for me!  It was humbling and enlightening for me to see my fears and weaknesses in approaching life’s challenges.  I came away with a sense of awareness of my role in making life more difficult for myself than it has to be!”

Martine Wehr, JD
Director of Operations
California Youth Services

I spoke with several of the minors yesterday and I will give you the feedback they told me. All the youth I spoke with who attended said they would do it again. Several of the boys were released already so I was not able to speak to them and a couple did not have the awareness or the insight yet to put into words what they experienced.  One cute thing the boys told me yesterday: Joplin is situated in Trabuco Canyon and a neighbor’s horses got loose and wandered on the property recently.  I asked them how they would, hypothetically, get those horses under their control if they needed to.  It was wonderful to hear how they applied what they learned with you to this situation and displayed a confidence that they probably could have gotten those horses if they needed to.  I saw a spark in them as they told me about the horses.

Just the experience of being with large, powerful and beautiful animals provided them with an opportunity for them to appreciate how fascinating and awesome our natural world truly is.

Here is what a few of the boys from Joplin had to say:

“Things he (Cowboy Bob) taught us can be reflected in our own lives, like not everything is easy in life.  He helped us learn how to approach problems: without fear and without regret.  If you’re going to ‘go for it ‘, then ‘go for it!’  (Concerning) People you hang out with, like gang members, before you do something to an enemy, some problems you don’t (even) have to approach. (In solving problems) Don’t rush.”       Jose 

(In how the experience has helped him approaching problems in life differently) “Be patient. Don’t rush. Be strong. Walk away.”     Kevin

(In how the experience has impacted him) “Approach problems differently.  Be more relaxed. Be patient.  Think about consequences.”     Raul

I have had many opportunities to work and train with Bob at various EAP/ O.K. Corral Seminars.  I have also had the opportunity to watch Bob in action as a presenter at the 2005 EAGALA National Convention in Primm, Nevada.  Bob is very knowledgeable and experienced in the practices and philosophies of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy.  I know that Bob has utilized EAP in many facets; be it youth, adults, or families, with much success and growth for the group and/or individual that he has been working with.  EAP is powerful and life changing when a professional, like Bob, is putting it to use to help people help themselves to make positive changes in their lives.  I have appreciated the opportunity to know and associate with Bob Bergren.

Emilee Lott-Woolsey, Administrator
Escalante, Utah

Dear Bob:

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you have done for Michelle.  Your unique ways of explaining things to Michelle was a big part of her life changes.  We are so optimistic for Michelle's future success and we truly appreciate the big part you have played.  God bless you with your future work and thanks again for your care and concern - it won't be forgotten!

Luci and Lewis LaPierre

Our daughter was in treatment for crystal methamphetamine abuse in Utah when we were introduced to Bob Bergren and the Equine Therapy program at Dual King Ranch. Since our daughter had been riding for several years, we were very open to Bob’s program but were skeptical as to its true therapeutic value. Our skepticism could not have been more off the mark since the Equine program turned out to be the most effective form of therapy she received during her time in treatment. Of course a large portion of the program’s success can be attributed to the horses, but an even larger reason is the manner in which Bob designed it and the way he delivers it. We recommend Bob Bergren and his program without reservation to any parent looking for a positive, healthy experience for their son or daughter who is struggling with alcohol, drugs or any other problem facing so many of our children today. We will forever be grateful to Bob and his horses for everything they did for our daughter.

David and Jeannette Robles


Thank you so much for letting Morgan ride your horse!  That meant more to her than you could ever imagine; it was truly the most important thing in her world. Riding your horse was literally a dream come true.  Thank you so much!  You are amazing!  She will never forget you.  Thanks, Thanks, and Thanks.

Mark and Karen Peirson

Dear Bob

We would like to thank you for teaching our daughter Ashley how to ride a horse. We feel that she learned a lot more than just riding horses. She was taught responsibility. She learned that one is responsible for their actions. She learned how to work by taking care of Sugar. At only 45 lbs, she learned how to saddle her own horse. Ashley was very shy, but after taking lessons for a couple of months, she was a lot more confident in her self.. We feel that you are a wonderful teacher and that you really do care about the kids that you teach. You taught her things that she can use the rest of her life. Thanks for all that you have done.

Jeff and Lisa Ence

Dear Bob,

Thank you so much for coming to talk to our fourth grade classes.  The students loved hearing about Sugar and all the responsibility it takes to care for horses! It was so beneficial for them to see the skills that Ashley has developed since she began working with you. We were amazed that such a tiny girl could do all that it takes to care for such a large animal. They were also very interested in learning that Sugar isn't the only one who gains from their relationship. Ashley has such great self-esteem because of the success she feels when she cares for Sugar.  We had a great time and hope you will continue to educate kids about the benefits of human/animal relationships. Thanks Again!

Lesley Sparks
Arrowhead Elementary School

My daughter had the opportunity to take Horsemanship classes from Bob Bergren last year.  She came to him, a city girl who probably rode 3 times in her life. Bob's expertise, patience and knowledge was incredible. My daughter rides like she's been on a horse all her life.  Bob not only gave a huge gift of self-esteem to her, he created a love of horses that will be with her all her life. He also welcomed us; her family, as friends and gave us time and instruction as well. Bob is a wonderful man who can inspire kids to great things.

Barbara Melhus

Dear Bob,

Hats off to a top notch outfit!

Thank you - thank you for your continued dedication to excellence in equine-assisted work.  Visiting your facility and participating in a 3-day workshop has had lasting effects on me and my staff.  We still discuss our education at Dual King Ranch.  Your facility is great, your horses are terrific and your methods of program delivery are outstanding.  The whole experience was fun for us.  In all the weight and intensity that comes with powerful results, I will never forget the comfort of feeling "at home" and how we laughed... especially when you rode your horse into the house.  I want a tack set-up like that!

You are an inspiration and a role model for those of us in the equine-assisted field... and I witnessed first hand, how you inspire your clients.  You demonstrated wide-open creativity and showed how every aspect of the exercise can be used as an avenue for exploration.  A simple piece of baling twine became a tool for personal growth and leadership skills.  Thank you, Bob!  Patrick and I look forward to working with you again.

Deb Williams, Director
Journey Home, Inc.
Walsenburg, CO